Efficiency through simplicity.

e-Radio showcases Energy Efficiency with KINK-FM in Portland

Portland, OR, January 6, 2017
  1. What is FM radio-based Energy Efficiency?

    1. KINK and e-Radio are taking a leading role in the deployment of new Energy Efficiency systems, as knowledgeable consumers the world over desire to make more use of renewable and sustainable energy as well as make the best use of every drop of conventional fuel.
    2. Listen to the KINK-FM on-air promo here:
    3. However, consumption varies with time and renewable energy generation such as WIND and SOLAR can vary from minute to minute.
    4. Currently, less than 2% of electrical loads receive any actionable real time grid information.
    5. Meanwhile, FM Radio waves already reach virtually every electrical device.
    6. e-Radio's patented UMC (Utility Message Channel) technology can reach over 300 Million people and their devices in about 2 seconds. This can enable the other 98% of previously uninformed devices to act smarter and make maximum use of every ray of sunshine, gust of wind, flow of water and even drops of fuel. (see ref 4c)
    7. One of e-Radio's products, the P2D 2045 module, won the prestigious 2015 CES Innovations Award Honoree in the Technology For a Better World category.
  2. Why does FM radio work particularly well?

    1. FM radio facilitates "Informed Freewill".
    2. UMC is like a traffic advisory for the smart grid; devices listening to it can take the advice or ignore it, much like listeners to radio traffic reports.
    3. Moreover, individual privacy cannot be compromised as no data is transmitted from the device - it is one-way, listening-only.
    4. FM Installation is simple; just power it up, no email address, no user ID, or password. The e-Radio receiver automatically searches for the local radio station carrying the signal and locks onto the authenticated signal.
  3. How do I get involved or sign up? How does KINK help me go green and what can I do as a consumer?

    1. Since late 2014, KINK, e-Radio, and others have been engaged in ongoing beta field tests.
    2. During 2017, select members of the general public will be invited to sign up for their in-home smart appliance trial starting with water heaters that can listen to KINK.
    3. Great leaps in system efficiency can be achieved by making use of existing infrastructure and devices that already "have a day job". The current energy system has vast room for improvement, ref 4c suggests only 1/3 of energy potential is generated into metered electricity and from that only 2/3 are actually used meaningfully. Ie. Currently most energy potential is wasted or rejected. (not unlike our food supply)
    4. Green Broadcasting makes it easy for all of us to do the right thing.
    5. Make every day an Earth Day
  4. Relevant links:

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