Efficiency through simplicity.


Prices to Devices (P2D™) module with UMC (Utility Message Channel) powers the FM RDS broadcast networks for the delivery of pricing and advisory information via CTA-2045 (EcoPort™)

e-Radio is building a data-casting network that spans North America and that can scale to cover most places in the world where there is an electrical system. Ubiquitous FM radio broadcast technology paired with the RDS data subchannel provides unprecedented coverage of both urban and rural areas with the ability to scale that is unmatched in speed and cost savings.

We offer a fully hosted EcoPort™ ANSI/CTA-2045 message creation web interface for desktop and mobile browsers that allows for pricing information as well as load shifting. A JSON REST API supports direct integration with utilities and third party service providers. e-Radio supports all CTA-2045-B Level 2 messages, including Load Up and Advanced Load Up for times when generation outpaces demand. Application and protocol specific adaptors are possible upon consultation, as is customization of the web interface. A standalone software package for customer self-hosting is under development.

e-Radio's patented EcoPort™ P2D 2045 module uses FM RDS technology within the CTA-2045 standard to send real time electricity pricing directly to appliances, enabling them to buy their energy more intelligently, vastly improving the efficiency of the grid.

e-Radio P2D 2045 AC form LTE Module CES 2015 Innovation Honoree Award e-Radio P2D 2045 DC form LTE Module

e-Radio EcoPort™ CTA-2045 UCM Features:

  • 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree
  • ANSI/CTA-2045-B (Revision B Feb 2021) Certified
  • FM-RDS Communication is standard
  • Secondary Wi-Fi and low-cost LTE Cellular Communication is optional
  • Both AC and DC form factors available

When the e-Radio P2D 2045 module is connected to host appliance, it will enable the host to comply with emerging "connected" appliances Energy Star performance specifications from the EPA.

e-Radio's P2D 2045 module is designed to work within the CTA-2045 standard to make household appliances addressable. This achieves tremendous value both for consumers and power companies by improving the asset utilization of the electricity grid.

Appliance addressability has the potential to save billions of dollars and millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. In addition, the e-Radio P2D 2045 module enables consumer remote control of all appliances within the home by working seamlessly within the home energy management system to provide greater convenience and flexibility. This creates significant user value through continuous energy optimization combined with a never before possible degree of convenience, control and flexibility in the home environment.

Alternatives typically require complex configuring, professional installation and periodic re-boots to ensure continuous operation. e-Radio's P2D 2045 module is literally 'set and forget'. All the consumer needs to do is plug the module into the CTA-2045 socket and it does the rest: initializes, self-locates and begins listening to the FM RDS signal, sending pricing and other information to the appliance to enable it to optimize its operation.

In terms of design quality, functionality and reliability, it is analogous to the difference between the simplicity of turning on a radio versus configuring a router in order to continuously receive content. In addition, the use of FM RDS avoids many of the documented issues that have been commonly associated with IP, cellular or pager technologies: privacy, RF radiation safety levels, and end-consumer configuration are non-issues with e-Radio's P2D solution

From a value for price perspective, the e-Radio P2D 2045 module achieves significant consumer savings through inexpensive OEM, after-market, and electric utility subsidy distribution programs. For utilities, the proven and ubiquitous FM RDS communication network ensures high levels of reliability with visual confirmation of locked frequency and authenticated messages and optimal confirmation of load shed during times of peak demand.

Our P2D 2045 module offerings are currently undergoing field tests and are available on a custom order basis.

OEM/Embedded FM RDS Receiver design and integration (G2)

The generation 2 (Gen2 or G2) receiver module from e-Radio is quickly and easily integrated into third party end devices. We offer full development kits and active support for new integrators to ensure data-throughput and RF performance is maximized with the minimum on-board footprint. Some examples of successful development partnerships include the RCS programmable thermostats and field-proven load control switches.

gen2 receiver module image
thermostat image load switch image
Standalone FM RDS In-Home Display (IHD)

This device was developed to provide a simple but extremely effective way to communicate status and pricing information to the home owner. Battery operated with energy efficient power management, the IHD can be a superb tool to communicate with customers even during power outtages that would disable most networked devices.

e-Radio In Home Display (IHD) image


  • Grid status and utility pricing information
  • Emergency Alerting
  • Visual (LED) and Audio feedback
  • Customer Resource Management (CRM) Short Text Messages
Consulting Services

e-Radio provides research and development, consulting, and operational support to clients throughout North America. Clients and partners (both past and present) include leading radio broadcasting networks, major automotive manufacturers (domestic and import), public service departments and agencies, academic institutions, and a major utility company with operations in the United States and Canada.

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